Where it all started....

1953 | Jan Jongert senior founds his business in Opperdoes on his birthday, the 11th of November, by opening a workshop. The company was partially funded with prize money that Mr Jan Jongert won as professional speed skater. He started manufacturing farmers' boats and small motor boats.

Moving towards Medemblik

1960 | The extraordinary build quality along with the many technical innovations differentiated Jongert from any other boat builder, due to his success the workshop in Opperdoes soon became too small... Jongert moves to the new facilities in Medemblik where production is centred on larger motorboats and motoryachts.

Jongert's definitive breakthrough

1963 - 1967 | In Medemblik Jongert made its definitive break-through establishing itself as a pioneering and prominent boatyard. The yard designed two classes of sailing yachts – the Zwalkers and the Trewes – in partnership with marine engineering firm Van der Meer and yacht architect Willem de Vries Lentsch.

The Jongert T-line...

1975 - 1979 | The Jongert Design Team, established in 1969, introduces the Jongert Traditional Line. Yachts are now branded under the JONGERT name. The T-Line becomes famous for its comfort, looks and timeless appeal. With their classic clipper bows, low freeboards, ketch rigs and stern windows these yachts exude a classic nautical atmosphere.

Full order books

1983 - 1983 | The order books are full and the number of employees continues to grow. Woodworking specialist Peter Sijm is now joined by Nico Stokman, an expert metalworker, in the extended design office. Intensive and productive cooperation with external designers like Doug Peterson also develops. This gives rise to the Jongert 21s 'Spes Nostra', the first in a series of newly designed classic yachts from Peterson with a short keel, separate rudder and lower displacement, and the 'Mephisto', the first Jongert racing yacht with an aluminium hull and deck.

Introducing the C- and M-lines

1984 - 1987 | The number of full-time employees at Medemblik has risen to 120. The 'Gloria', launched in 1984 and measuring 108 feet in length, is not only the biggest Jongert yacht to date, but also the first custom-built. This marks the beginning of the Jongert C-line. The 'Inspiration' designed by Ron Hollandand Peter Sijm is the first Jongert with a garage in the transom and with a large hatch that opens hydraulically to form a bathing platform and dock. The Jongert M-Line (Modern) a series of fast, slim sailing yachts, is born.

Award winning super yachts...

1992 - 1995 | While the Jongert M-Line now accounts for more than a half of the overall output Jongert receives international design awards for the new superyachts 2900M 'Flying Magic' and 2100S 'Blue Papillon'. The shipyard celebrates its 40th anniversary. In 1994/95, Jongert wins further major awards for the 2900M 'Scarena' and the Jongert 26T 'Impression'. The development of the folding keel has started by Pieter den Hertog and Peter Sijm.

Success story continues...

1996 - 1997 | The Jongert 2700M 'Movesita', designed by Doug Peterson and Peter Sijm, is equiped with the first folding keel (Jongert patent pending). A year later, the boat wins the award for the 'Best Sailing Yacht' in the 25-36 m catagory and the ShowBoats Award for 'The most innovative Sailing Yacht'. The management announces the first plans for the relocation of the shipyard.

Tony Castro joins the club

1998 - 1998 | Jongert signs the contract for the purchase and development of Waterpark Wieringermeer. Tony Castro is awarded for his first design contract by Jongert which initiates Jongert's mega yacht era. After launch this Jongert 40T 'Number One', receives several awards in 1999, e.g. the ShowBoats Award. The total of yachts launched in Medemblik now equals 300.

Record breaking

2000 - 2001 | Record breaking.. The work at the Waterpark Wieringermeer starts. At BOOT Dusseldorf the 3400M 'Bagatelle' is unveiled, the largest Modern Line yacht so far... André Hoek is given the design contract for the largest Jongert yacht ever; the 45C 'Secret Love'. The 42T 'Passe Partout', the third yacht with this name, is launched in Medemblik. 'Passe Partout' is the largest yacht launched in Medemblik.

We mve towards Wieringerwerf

2002 - 2003 | The launch of the Jongert 3200M. which marks the beginning of a new series of high-performance cruising sloops. Tony Castro is responsible for design and development. The shipyard gradually moves into the new shops at Waterpark Wieringermeer. In the first 60 m production hall Hoek's dream yacht comes true: 45 meters long and 8.66 meters wide. 'the all-time biggest Jongert'.

Re-entering the motor yacht segment

2007 | Jongert starts the production of the 39 meter motor yacht Lucia-M. Designed by Guido de Groot, Lucia-M is the first motor yacht of these dimensions ever built by Jongert. The motor yacht range has been developed by the yard at the specific request of several customers who appreciate the design and quality of the Jongert sailing yachts but prefer a motor yacht.

New ownership

2009 | Jongert is taken over by an multinational maritime company which guarantees quality and sustainability at all times.

Launch of Uisge Beathe, success for Lucia-M

2010 - 2011 | With new ownership Jongert launches the 2400M Uisge Beatha. Equiped with all latest technologies and designed to be sailed by just a few. Without the help of an extended crew Uisge Beatha offers all you need and more to cruise in comfort. In 2011 the 3900MY Lucia-M receives international attention with a nomination for the ISS Superyacht design award.

The Performance line

2012 | Jongert introduces a new sailing yacht range. The first design is the 3200P, a 32 meter performance sloop by the hull lines of Doug Peterson. Rhoades & Young is responsible for the exterior and interior design. Production is expected to start early spring 2013.

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