Many yacht owners and crew have already experienced the high quality standards and service of a Jongert refit. They have seen their prized possession leave the yard in 'as new condition', fitted with the latest technologies and even more advanced than at the time of the original build. Yachts from other quality brands can also make use of Jongert’s refit services.

Jongert yachts such as Passe Partout (42T), Lady Sunshine (34C), Impression (26T), Flying Magic (2900S), Azzura (3000M), Celandine (2900M), Ameena (2900M) and Vivid (2700M) have visited the yard in Wieringerwerf for major refit projects.

The engineering and design team as well as the entire workforce of highly skilled craftsmen are at your disposal to find the best possible solution for any project. The speed with which Jongert can carry out a refit, plus the office and accommodation facilities for crewmembers, offer further synergies.

As the works are carried out inside the heated facilities, premium quality is insured at all times without any interference from the weather. Yachts are positioned on specially designed cradles, eliminating any risk of damage.

Your yacht will leave the yard with a 12-month warranty on the refit and an increased resale value. She will also benefit from the latest technologies and a renewed Jongert seal of approval. Investing in your safety and comfort has never made more business sense.


Refitted yachts by Jongert:


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